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Welcome in Stalco Sp. z o.o.

Company Stalco Sp. z  o. o. was established in 2007. We are a company providing building services throughout the country. We specialize primarily in work related to the arrangement and interior finishing. Innovative building glass made by our company are extremely elegant and yet practical interiors of residential, office and service space character. Available in our range of glass designs allow you to organize any space in a simple manner. In addition to extraordinary elegance and modern design are also characterized by solidity and durability. Glass partition walls are also a great solution for constructing representative and stylish offices or conference rooms. The walls of glass in a sophisticated way separate spaces, while maintaining the unusual feeling of spaciousness. In addition, they are resistant to mechanical damage due to the use of tempered glass.

In our work we use the most modern materials and technologies , while enjoying the traditional proven methods. However, each time we choose them so as to meet the most sophisticated requirements and expectations of our customers, while strict observance of all rules and safety approvals and building regulations.

The main goal of our company, we strive every day to realize, is a comprehensive service and individual approach to each client, from the phase of consultation and design, through construction and finish, until the final refine performances and installation of various pieces of equipment .

We work with major investors and developers in the region, we are a major subcontractor for companies such as, among others Echo Investment, Skanska , Barlinek, Rovese for which complete the work throughout the country.